Good at Math? Continuing your degree at UMichigan

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Are you thinking about continuing your studies in math? Mathematics is something everyone learns all throughout their lives. It’s a really broad topic and there are many job opportunities. Mathematics is one of the most rigorous and challenging of all intellectual pursuits.

There are people that joy attacking the challenges involved in it. How much does this major impact our lives? You could go into fields such as finance, statistics, computer science, cryptography, biotechnology, etc. Inventing new computer game graphics, making and breaking secret codes at the CIA, computing and predicting insurance rates as actuaries (highly paid) are all part of this amazing major.

If you already have your undergraduate degree, and are considering a graduate degree, University of Michigan has some of the top mathematics programs in the country. This school comes in rank number nine among the top best mathematics department. The top four programs are: general mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematics program for secondary school teachers, and actuarial mathematics.

One great advantage of UMichigan is that there is a wide range of research studies you could be involved in! The school puts a big focus on providing such diverse opportunities so that each student clearly knows where he or she wants to pursue as their career.

Furthermore, UMichigan has a strong undergraduate program that also leads students in a highly ranked master’s program. It also provides the opportunity to get your foot in the industry to gain work experience. With this major, it is crucial to have as much industry experience as possible.

As much as the program is highly recognized, it is very competitive. Generally, around 450 people apply for the graduate program and only 25-30 applicants are accepted each year. University of Michigan is all about innovation and discovery of new mathematical knowledge. Therefore, it puts much emphasis on research. Faculty members of this department are constantly involved in research and they actively participate in national and international conferences every year to learn and elaborate on current research.

Furthermore, they have published man articles and mathematical journals. Learning under these faculty members will give you a great opportunity to learn the best that is out there.

If you love mathematics, consider getting a degree at University of Michigan!

Ask HCP for more information and check to see if you are qualified for this program!

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