Transferring to Georgia Tech

This school ranks in 6th place among the top engineering schools in the United States. There is so much diversity and a wide range of programs to choose from! It offers unique opportunities to gain a real-world experience and this will definitely impact your life. There are more than twenty programs covering a good range of diverse programs from Aerospace Engineering to Public Policy. Not only that, it also offers programs such as medical, pharmacy, dentistry, and veterinary.

Have you ever considered going to Georgia Tech but are already in school? Well, it is not too late to change your educational path. This school has a decent percentage of transfer students and to put it honestly, it has a slightly easy path for international students to transfer to their programs.

First of all, the programs are on a rolling basis –meaning that there is no application deadline. Students accepted may begin in fall, spring, summer, or winter; there is a lot of flexibility. All that you will need to do is send your transcript, course descriptions, and a non-refundable application fee. However, international transfer is competitive and of course, not every qualified student gets in.

To find out more about Georgia Tech’s program, message us and we will give you some advices and more information!

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